Flyer – standing – chair

The chair is a simple form of Libra. The flyer stands frontal to the base on his thighs and will be balanced at 1 or 2 hands by pulling. Contact point are either the hands or knees of the flyer. To balance, the base uses only his own knees; the arms stay stretched. By pushing his knees far under the flyer, he can achieve an even free balance (→ facing). The flyer remains in the line of force without shearing the knees of the base.

This position is very well suited as a first balance exercise for beginners. Additional stability reaches this position when the base sits on a bench. Now the base can balance the flyer so that he rises slowly from the bench.

The position of the legs can be adapted to the requirements. For example, if the flyer is also the base for another flyer (for example, a 3-seat chair).

The chair often serves as the entry point for another libra, the flag.

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