Evolution of Ballroom (1925 -2017)

The Neanderthals were once the successful model of evolution. And I do not mean that ironically!


Posture: heads side by side, arms hanging
Dynamics: stationary, springy, quarter turns
Leadership: monologue, arms moving


Posture: hand on middle back, head position further apart
Dynamics: more expansive
Guided tour: monologue, choreography, calm arms


Posture: focus on presentation, hand on shoulder, quiet topline
Dynamics: expansive and floating
Leadership: monologue, choreography


Posture: presentation focused to woman, body position turned to each other
Dynamics: more open foot positions
Leadership: choreography with active woman


Posture: maximum presence, head of the woman paints the music
Dynamics: the feet no longer closing, flowing, jumping, lot of steps doubling
Leadership: choreography in dialogue


Posture: both paint in the upper body, crooked lines are in, man paints significantly less than woman → thereby clear role distribution
Dynamics: pendulum-like and metronomically maximal, focus on aesthetics
Leadership: dialogue, improvised, musical

Summary of the evolution from 1922 to 2017:

Posture: heads are closely connected like a rosebud
Dynamics: focus on steps with joke in detail
Leadership: monologue
Posture: focus on wide posture like a blooming rose
Dynamics: step duplications, which are often out of sync
Leadership: musical dialogue with emphasis on posture

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