Handstand Variants

Below are a few forms of the flyer in the handstand (HS) → to achieve the desired shape different tactics are useful.

  • Froghandstand → pick up the weight from your feet

  • straight HS → rolls, half wheel turn, flic, cascade or pull with force

  • Scorpion → first straight HS, then pull your feet towards your head, at the same time close your shoulder


  • Mexican → first straight HS, then overturn the body, at the same time cover the shoulder

  • Crocodile in hand balances (counts to the category 1-arm!)

  • 7 → first straight HS, then towards Mexicans and at the same time bend your legs (here the 1-armed variant …)

  • Planche → first straight HS, then continue with a lot of power. And if power does not help, then even more power!


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