About me…

Self-image: As self-employed graduate engineer (FH) electrical engineering I am mostly occupied with analyzes of problems. I’m rarely interested in standardized approaches, more to the easy and working path to the goal. A standard is often like a hammer that turns any problem into a nail. I am looking for a suitable solution to the current problem … in short, I see myself as the structured pragmatist.

External image: As a trainer, others often describe me as follows: My extraordinary powers of observation, combined with my technical and sporting background, allow me to recognize and describe processes so that it becomes clear:

  • that’s the movement
  • it can be clearly demarcated
  • the essential is …
  • it is built up like it is biomechanically reasonable
  • it can be carried out with low risk and reproducible
  • it can be combined with other movements
  • it can be generated efficiently, elegantly and thus become sensational

For me, this results in what seems to be so fascinating about a movement … the soul of the movement. To experience this movement itself, to learn the fascinating elements and reproducing them yourself is something very special, which the maestros in Tango Argentino like to refer to as “SENSATION of the movement“.