Flyer – lying – belly

In the belly flyer, the flyer tends to shorten the back. This is an attractive position as it allows the flyer to raise his head and thus to present himself to the audience. For the transition to other positions this position is rather unfavorable (for example to the shoulder-stand or side-flyer). A pressed out belly makes contact with the hip difficult and, in the bad case, can lead to slipping.

If the belly flier is not presented, then the flyer should take a position as if it were lying on the ground. His chin is on the floor and feet are slightly raised. This figure is supported by the base with the heel or hand-root on the hip bone of the flyer and balanced with the toes or fingers on the stomach. His feet or hands are parallel to each other to offer the flyer as much areal pressure as possible. Keeping the pressure only on the heel or the hand root can be very painful for the flyer.

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