Flyer – headfirst – counter handstand

There are 2 meaningful connect points for the base, that allow him to balance a counter handstand (CHS): on his feet or on his hands. In fact, for the flyer himself nothing should change between the CHS and the “normal” handstand (HS). Only the shape of the connect points from the base are changing, which indeed is more complex than it first seems. The base basically ensures that the angle in the flyer’s wrists does not get too flat. However, the feet and wrists of the base getting quickly at its stretch limit.

Onto the feet the balancing area is very small. The flyer should always remain within this area or twist off accordingly early.

The GHS onto the hands of the base requires twisted hands from him. The connection of the palms should feel like that of 2 suckers. When separating hands, ideally, a corresponding “plop” will be heard. The use of the fingers is for the balance taboo, since usually only the hands of the flyer are getting squeezed.

Due to the limited possibilities of the base, most flyers feel called to correct as well. As a base, it often feels like the flyer is riding a motorcycle.

Here as an example: the CHS with the base standing – on the hands – short arm:

Attention: the flyer’s head is always in the way … his open hair is hanging into the face of the base.

In comparison, the “normal” HS:

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