Base – lying – on the feet

In order to get a balance without hands, the base must learn to pick up the weight of the flyer with his feet. For this the pressure on the front ball of the foot increases, which makes the foot a bit steeper. At the same time, the balance is shifted slightly more in the direction of the own center of gravity.

Pre-exercise for the base:
Starting position: standing on hands and feet (knees do not touch the ground!)
In order to be able to lift off your hands off the ground, the pressure increases in the tiptoes. Do not push-off with your hands, but actively pick up the weight with your feet!

This feeling is similar to the pick up of a flyer from the standing position to the belly flyer.

The base reaches the stable position with stretched knees above the lower abdomen. It must be ensured that the hip rests on the floor and that he does not roll sideways while balancing. Initially, this position may also be stabilized with laterally shored arms.

In principle, all available positions of the flyer can be balanced on the feet. A base while lying, however, may only contribute only a little to secure the flyer. And … the safety must be able to intervene very quickly due to the short drop height, which initially changes a duo trick to a trio trick. At first, that’s ok. After some successful repetitions, the safety really is still only securing …

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