Flyer – standing

At the beginning every flyer has to learn to stop his instinctive corrections while standing and to hand over the balance to the base. For this he must keep his part of the line of force, which means that Metatarsal, hips and shoulders must always stay in one line (like a stick). It is particularly dangerous if the flyer balances with the upper body to the rear! Most of the time, even the flyers feet getting steep, so that the base can not balance him anymore. The trick becomes (possibly unintentionally) dynamic …

Imagine that you are in the sea up to your hips in the water and you want to resist the rolling waves, without making a step or paddling with your arms. Prepare for the next wave, lean against it and hope that the wave will straighten you up again … Right, the wave is the counterpart to the base. Let’s just hope that your actual base while straightening up has a little more feeling as the wave …

If you do not have a sea available at the moment, may be, this exercise will help you further:
2 bases balancing on a pole a flyer, which holds his arms on the body and tilts in case of doubt. Always stay above a thick mat!

As always, it is better to ask for safety assistance once too often than once too little!

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