Flyer – lying – side

This position is usually supported with the hand, thus it usually has 2 contact points. It is a popular, because audience-effective position, which can be learned with little effort. Analogous to the previous names, I call them side-flyer. However, she is also known by other names, such as swallow, high star, … just to name a few.

The contact point of the base is always at the hip of the flyer below its center of gravity. In the supported side-flyer, the contact point of the base, the contact point of the flyer and the flyer’s shoulder form a triangle.

The flyer usually starts from the belly flyer. In order to get into the side-flyer, he must initiate a screw rotation from the middle of the body. In the final position he holds both legs in a straddle in front of the body. The lower leg hangs stretched forwards and downwards. The greater attention of the flyer, however, lies in the upper leg, which he actively pulls upwards and a bit in the front. If it gets behind the body, the flexibility of the hip is too limited and he will not be able to pull it up. This happens especially when the rotation into the side-flyer has been initiated by the upper leg, rather than from the middle of the body.

Here is a good preliminary exercise for the flyer: Supine on the floor, hands and legs stretched away from the ground and then rotate left or right. Neither hands nor legs should touch the ground.

As soon as the flyer closes his legs, he starts to lean towards the feet. This ajar position (The arm of the flyer carries only very little residual weight!) can picked up by the base and be taken completely to the contact point. As soon as the contact point of the flyer is free of pressure, this position (the board) is already much harder to balance. The risk of injury is still not very high, because the flyer, as soon as he tilts headfirst, can support himself again. This is a very good exercise to train balancing on 1 foot or 1 arm. As long as the flyer balances itself, it will generate shearing forces that the base can not handle.

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