Flyer – headfirst – headstand

In principle, the headstand is placed on the forehead or at the front part of the skull (see also Base – Balance on the head). Of all the flyers known to me, however, the position with a long neck is preferred. For this purpose, the contact-point / pressure-point on the head is centered on the hairline. It is important that the cervical spine can hold a straight position… straight in the body, but diagonally in the room!

The supported headstand can not stand straight in the room, as a residual pressure remains on the hands and thus the center of gravity is not vertically over the head. The positions of the hands form an isosceles triangle with the head on the ground. The elbows stay vertically over the hands and do not dodge out!

Important here is the straight posture of the cervical spine! With suitably trained neck muscles, the flyer can be balanced very well. This position can be stabilized by the hands of the flyer. The free headstand is only advisable if the flyer also can do so on the ground.

Attention: during shearing movements the flyer may injure his neck very fast → safety assistance!

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