As a flyer you are usually more endangered than the base. This leads to the fact that the flyer must estimate the risk and act accordingly carefully → safety assistance!

In 10 years of beginner training, my perception is that most of them already have made similar sports (lateral entrants) before. Appearing as an experienced, carries the risk that the others misjudges the risk of injury. I always recommend a few warm-up exercises on the ground before engaging in risky tricks with a new partner. I have already met professional acrobats who did not know how to do the flyer sideward.

On the other hand, lateral entrants offer good opportunities to quickly succeed. As a trainer, however, I always get pushed to the comparison with the filled glass in which no longer anything fits into it.

Some trainers try to solve this problem by emptying the glass beforehand. However, this quickly leads to boredom for career changers. because they already know many things. And then they stop listening to the important things, which in turn can be dangerous.

In principle, biomechanics is the same for all sports! In this respect, lateral entrants quickly may picked up with suitable comparisons to their already learned movement patterns.

Existing and tested knowledge rarely leads to misjudgments. If you use the safety assistance enough, every idea is welcome. If it does not work, then at least try it and have fun.
Counterproductive are rather statements such as:

“With Base 1 works the trick but not with you!”
“Who reached the end position has right!”

The consequence is an overconfidence, which leads to unnecessary stress and in the worst case even to an injury.

Unfortunately, even “trainers” are not always aware of the respective line of force and the associated muscle mechanics. They are not really interested in biomechanics, because they are used to do it their way.
And finally, occasional injuries in acrobatics are normal, right?
Do sports or stay healthy! That’s it! :-/

I’m doing acrobatics since 2003 and have not had any accident so far! Of course I was an “extremely talented newcomer with unbelievable power” … what is actually called over and over, specially if someone can not imitate my trick. This is of course nonsense! Everyone can learn it and who wants to bring it to perfection, must practice! And I practiced a lot …

However, injuries only happen when Flyer and Base simultaneously make a mistake that does not compensate each other. Arrogance is not a good advisor …

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