Base – lying – on hands and feet

This position of the base is the starting point of most tricks while lying.

Here are only positions of the flyer meant, in which he supports the base by shoring himself at the base (→ at least 3 contact points!)


  • shoulderstand on the hands while the flyer shores himself at the knees of the base
  • shoulderstand on the feet while the flyer shores himself at the hands of the base

But also Washing Machines:

Washing machines are self-contained transitions, which allow an always same sequence. The flyer rotates around all 3 axes, always balanced and supported by hands and feet. An active flyer may move with his center of gravity quickly out of the line of force of the base (see shearing forces) and then lands next to him on the ground. The goal is that the flyer keeps its chosen shape, which the base can balance and intentionally rotate.
Ultimately, a dynamically executed washing machine requires also a balance either only on the feet or only on the hands!

Once the flyer does not support, the trick is no longer out of this category! And if he does not crash, at least the level of the base is no longer that of a bloody beginner 😉

Special case Icaria:

Position of Base while lying is an important starting position for dynamic tricks in duo-acrobatics … Please note the Special Case Throw!

Base – liegend – auf Händen und Füßen von rechts

For the throw with the legs, the knees must be able to be angled without the center of gravity of the flyer changing horizontally. Therefore, the feet are slightly tipped and the balance shifted more towards the middle of the body.

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