Base – lying on the side or on the belly – on the hands

A position with considerable risk, as the base does not see the flyer → Safety. For tricks like the Chinese roll (= spring roll, ..) I advise the base to wear a long T-shirt to prevent a mat burn on the elbows.

This lateral position is neither easy to reach for the flyer nor the base. The base must stabilize the lower arm at the back of his back and the wrist should not become flatten when loaded. If necessary, he may also shore up the wrist on the back. For the flyer, the differently long arms of the base are a real challenge …

The Russian role is a variant in which the base rolls backwards between the legs (standing in hands) or arms (hand in handstand) of the flyer and then can tilt into this lateral position. Either the base is stretched very well, or the flyer should draw as much attention as possible, because the base looks a bit unhappy in this position!

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