Base – kneeling – on the back

The bank position (hip width knee position) forms a secure pedestal, because the distance to the ground is low (body center of gravity is deep) and a large support surface is available. The back is straight, arms and thighs are pointing almost vertically downwards. However, the shoulder should never come in front of the palm.

The flyer should only load the base within the hip and/or shoulder area, because there the spine arched outwards and thus is stable against pressure.

However, reactive jumps are to be avoided there as well. Especially inexperienced flyers tend reaching quickly the ground in the case of balance loss and thereby generating an impulse when jumping off the back of the base.

The flyer must learn, in the case of loosing balance:

  1. to relieve a leg,
  2. to let tip himself and
  3. land on the free leg.

See also topic twisting off!

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