Flyer – standing – 2 legs

Has anyone ever seen a toddler fall over on his head? Not me! They are leaning slightly forward, so they always land on all fours or on the butt. This position, where toddlers are easily managing that they do not land on the head in case of doubt, should be a role model for every flyer.

If this picture does not help, you can alternatively lay yourself with your back on the floor. Then take the knees to the chest and form a small package by using your head and arms and then open slowly for straighten out. Only the lower back in the area of the center of gravity remains on the ground. Just before the legs and the head touch the ground, the ideal position of the flyer for standing on two legs is reached.


The position of the legs must be adapted to the force line of the base, especially in the width!

Example: Base – standing
On the short arm, the flyer stands wider than on the shoulder.

The biggest difficulty in this position comes from corrections that an adult flyer initially intuitively brings in. Once he has overcome this initial stage, he has learned to hand over responsibility for the balance to the base. The base will always ensure that the flyer lands on his feet by placing the feet under the center of gravity of the falling flyer. However, this is more of an accompaniment than an active pushing … there is no nastier feeling than when someone’s feet are getting pushed away under the body.

Since the base can not slow down the flyer (as opposed to the handstand) when landing, this position carries a high risk of injury! Therefore at the beginning never without safety assistance!


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