Base – standing – short arm – 1 arm

In order to avoid shear forces when to enter the one-armed, the flyer must learn to lean actively from the middle of the body in the desired direction laterally. The axis of rotation for the handstand is the shoulder and when standing the hip! If the base does not prevent this leaning, the weight of the flyer tilts on one arm in a controlled manner until the center of gravity reaches above the axis of rotation and the base’s carrying hand. The base follows this tilting with his elbow …

Then, when the weight has almost completely arrived in the base’s Einarmer, the base will pick up the remaining weight of the flyer. Helping the base is not helpful! The flyer should also have enough to do with actively stabilizing itself against the emerging bending forces. During the balance, the base remains with his hand under the axis of rotation. When the flyer turns away, he can no longer be balanced. The base can only make sure that the flyer lands preferably without rotation on both feet.


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