The project…

What is it that fascinates me about partner acrobatics and Tango Argentino?

There are far too many sports (in an unfortunately! still male-dominated society) that are aiming for victory over an opponent. In my life I have learned a lot of competitive sports (dodgeball – Bavarian champion, table tennis – B-class, volleyball – national league, beach volleyball – Bavarian champion, ballroom – S-class, …) and was also successful as a coach. Nevertheless, none of these sports could really inspire me. Until I got to know acrobatics and Tango Argentino. So what is it, that excites me so much?

Every participant must be completely in the Here and Now with his thoughts and completely engage with the other(s). Known as the Connection in tango, also known as Balance in acrobatics … Every beginner is confronted with it at the very beginning. Technology, power and elegance initially take a back seat. Focus on your own movement and the reaction of others … together to success!

What better motivation can there be for joint actions? My goal is to combine these two incredibly beautiful activities … and that’s where AkroTango came into being

This name is made up of AKRObatik and TANGO Argentino, which I hope will be obvious. In addition, AKRO comes from the Greek and means something like “extreme, supreme, pointed”, which gives the AkroTango yet another meaningful meaning…

I offer all members of my blog methodical instructions for complex movements according to the pay-what-you-value principle.

1 EUR:
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… I think the principle is clear, right? 😉

The membership is free and except of your email address I save no information and also do not send any advertisingAnyone who does not want to become a member may also purchase existing ebooks.

In addition, I also accept orders for analysis, visualization and the systematic improvement of motion sequences! Just get in touch …


AkroTango is also available on YouTube and Instagram